About HOT TOPICS Virtual

We hope you are as excited to attend this edition of our event as we are organizing it! The Hot Topics in Neuroradiology course series is one of the most prestigious of its kind in Brazil.

The course was born from our desire to learn the most advanced neuroimaging concepts from the best teachers from around the world and to share this knowledge. Since 2015, we have been inviting the most prominent medical speakers to teach and share their experiences on various topics related to neuroimaging.

The Hot Topics program is designed for all physicians and residents who share our passion for neuroimaging. Having said that, we hope to introduce participants to the state-of-the-art knowledge in our field and enable them to use it to the benefit of their patients.

In this sixth edition, we will cover the most advanced concepts in brain tumors (adult and pediatric). The course will offer a mix of lectures and workshops, enabling a high level of interactive education. The workshops will allow participants to gain a direct and hands-on experience with teachers. We will also have specific classes on tumor evaluation in clinical trials according to the RANO and RAPNO criteria.

With our best regards,
Diego Pineda
Fabrício Gonçalves
Guilherme Cássia

Previous Speakers

Majda Thurner (Austria)
Claudia Cejas (Argentina)
Johan Van Goethem (Belgium)
Jorge Davila Acosta (Canada)
Julia Pavaine (Canada)
Manohar Shroff (Canada)
Prasad Hanagandi (Canada)
Hans Rolf Jäger (UK)
Konstantin Kenigsberg (BELARUS)
Vitor Mendes Pereira (Canada) Carolina Tramontini (Colombia)
Diego Pineda (Colombia)
Katiuzka Casares (Mexico)
Saman Reyhani (Paraguay)
Sumeet Kumar (Singapore)
Alex Rovira (Spain)
Turgut Tali (Turkey)
Andrea Poretti (USA)
Assim Bag (USA)
Bruno Policeni (USA)
Mauricio Castillo (USA)
Rivka R. Colen (USA)
​Thierry Huisman (USA)
Suraj Serai (USA)
Hernán Chavez (ARGENTINA)
Cássio Lemos Jovem
​Cristiane França
Déborah Baião
Eduardo F. Vissotto
Fabricio G. Gonçalves
Francine Hehn de Oliveira
Guilherme Cassia
Claudia da Costa Leite
Robertson Correia Bernardo
Igor de Assis Franco
Lázaro Luis Faria do Amaral
Leandro Tavares Lucato
Leonardo Modesti Vedolin​​
​Luciano Farage
Luiz Celso Hygino da Cruz Jr.
Lara Alexandre Brandão
Leandro Tavares Lucato
Marcio Gomes Aguiar
Maria de Fátima Vasco Aragão
​Marcelo de Melo Aragão
Marcelo R. Canuto Natal
Marcio Olavo Magalhães
Meire Oliveira Silva
Otavio Castello C. Pereira
Augusto Braga Fernandes Antunes
Lorenzo Tomé

Previous Events

Organizing Committee

– Graduado em Radiología pela Universidade de Buenos Aires (UBA)
– Neurorradiologia no Instituto de Investigaciones Neurológicas Raúl Carrea–FLENI (AR)
– Diploma Europeu em Neurorradiologia – Sociedade Europeia de Radiologia (ESNR)
– Mestrado no Neuroimagem Avançada – Universidad de Málaga (ESP)
Dr. Fabricio Guimarães Gonçalves, MD, EDiNR, EDiPNR
– Graduado em Medicina pela Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (UFU)
– SILAN Fellow / Clinical Fellow em Neurorradiologia no Centro de Saúde da Universidade McGill – Canadá
– Membro titular do Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia (CBR)
– Diploma Europeu em Neurorradiologia e Neurorradiologia Pediátrica – Sociedade Europeia de Radiologia (ESR)
– Pós-Doutorado no Hospital Infantil da Filadélfia – EUA
Dr. Guilherme Cassia, MD, EDiNR
– Graduado em Medicina pela Universidade de Brasília (UnB)
– Fellowship em Radiologia Pediátrica e Neuropediatria na McGill University – Canadá
– Membro titular do Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia (CBR)
​- Diploma Europeu em Neurorradiologia – Sociedade Europeia de Radiologia (ESR)